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Sally has a new puppy. His name is George. I thought I'd put this picture, taken by Bob, on-line now as he will be much bigger by the time we see him in the flesh.


We recently enjoyed a trip to EuroDisney on the weekend of its 15th anniversary. Thanks to Sally (& Bob) for helping to make the trip so successful. I have put a few pictures from the trip below.


Thank you for my birthday messages, cards and gifts

4/01/2007. The Wickambrooke panto for this year is The Littlest Dragon. Jade has a part it the chorus. The last night of the run is on 27/1/2007.



Julie & Jade went to see The Devil Wears Prada in Bury today.


October 2006

Having won a pair of tickets for ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ , I was not able to attend due to a strained ankle. Julie and Jade went along and Jade posed for photographs with the Lord Mayor of Ipswich. They also visited the CRed Suffolk stand at the exhibition in the Corn Exchange related to the showing of this film.

Guggenheim's latest film is a multimedia polemic presented by would-be president Al Gore, who turns his unflappable charm and a fair amount of personal experience to the subject of global warming. While at times relapsing into Bush-bashing, much of the bitter edge is taken off by his assistant, an animated polar bear. Scary stuff, with a particularly haunting ending warning that terrorists are not the only threat we should guard against.

April 2006

I have not bought many CD's recently so when I do it must be worth mentioning. I have just heard about Suffolk-based vocalist Lisa Andrews and guitarist/songwriter Joe Hunt who first met over 10 years ago when they formed indie outfit 'The Toys' The CD 'A Happy Accident' sees Joe and Lisa's joint songwriting efforts coming together again and well worth a listen. Email me if you would like to hear a sample track.

Jade celebrated her 11th Birthday with a party at Frankie's & Benny's on Sunday followed by a trip to see the new Pink Panther film. Thank you to all those who sent cards and gifts.

4 April 2006
Jade joins the thousands that queued for shot at Hollywood
on. Thousands of young hopefuls have queued outside Cambridge's Corn Exchange for a shot at Hollywood stardom. New Line Films, who produced the hugely successful Lord Of The Rings trilogy, have begun casting for the film versions of Philip Pullman's cult Dark Materials books. The "open call" in Cambridge is for the starring role of Lyra, a young girl who travels far north to save her best friend - and meets a cast of fantastical characters, many far from friendly.


Jade has started to design her own web page click here to take a look

Panto performance pictures added - Thank you Malcolm

Click here to view some Panto pictures

New family photos added

Click here to view some family pictures

We went to the Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich to watch Ian McMillan - the performance was excellent and made an evening out very enjoyable you can read some of his poems at www.ian-mcmillan.co.uk. As an example of his work I have reproduced his tribute to Ronnie Barker below:


It’s goodnight from him
And it’s goodnight to this:
Saturday bathtime, a home win,
The bliss
Of a night in the glow
Of a rented TV;
A family spread out
On two chairs, one settee.

It’s goodnight from him
And it’s goodbye from me
To a comedy built on dances with words,
An eye for the language
An ear for absurd
Interlocutions, grammatical fluffs
And lines that my brother just called
‘sentence stuff’
but it made us all howl
and that was enough.

So it’s goodnight from him
And goodbye to a time
When Saturday night
Clicked round like a rhyme
In the kind of odd song
Ronnie Barker might croon
And the words made you smile,
But they fitted the tune
Like the bloke in the glasses
With a face like The Moon
Fitted Saturday night;
It was over too soon
But it kept us all laughing
While outside the world
Was changing and shifting
He cut through the gloom:
The comedy furniture
In our collective front room.

So I’ll light four candles
And let them burn down
For an actor, a wordsmith, a genius, a clown;
And now this tired world
Is just that bit more grim:
Close the cell door,
Shut the shop up.
It’s goodnight from him.

© Ian McMillan, for BBC R4 Front Row, 7.10.05

Thank you for my birthday messages, cards and gifts
Jade is busy rehearsing for her part as Li Chee in Aladdin at Wickhambrook. She will performing on 5 (plus the final night) occasions if you want to come along ring Julie for details of how to get tickets.

Performance dates

21/1/06 evening
22/1/06 matinee
24/1/06 evening
26/1/06 evening
28/1/06 matinee & evening

© Ken Kettle 2006